What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter allows marketing agencies and professionals to create and manage more effective online campaigns. It allows you to understand which one of your marketing/media channels or ads are most effective and provide the most value. With this information it's possible to understand where to better invest your time and money. Watch the video

How do you find the best online marketing channel or traffic source for your business?


ClickMeter is the "one stop place" to monitor and compare all your traffic sources, and discover which ones perform better. 




With ClickMeter, you can create "tracking links" and post them on the Internet (e.g. links connected to your ads) in places such as forums, social networks, blogs, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns, or whichever source you'd like to measure.

Each time someone clicks on this tracking link they'll be redirected to the destination page which you defined (usually your website). During the redirecting process, which is immediate and invisible, ClickMeter collects important data such as which site the user came from, the approximate geographic location of the person, and much more. With this data, ClickMeter creates detailed and real-time marketing reports.

You can even optimize the conversion rate of actions on your site by deciding where you want ClickMeter to redirect your customers. For example, you can send people using a smartphone to your mobile website, or people who speak French to your French website (if you have one :-)).




With ClickMeter, you can collect all your stats and monitor all your clicks in one place without modifying or adding any code to your site. Furthermore, ClickMeter lets you monitor conversions and fights against click-fraud activities.

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