How To Track Clicks on Twitter?

Twitter-track-clicks.pngIf you are posting a message on Twitter and it contains a link, then you can find out how many times it was clicked, when it was clicked, and by whom. When your message is re-tweeted or shared on other social media platforms, ClickMeter reports will of course show clicks on the link coming from all these sources.

The link you share on Twitter, as well as all other kinds of links, can be tracked with ClickMeter with two simple steps:

  1. Create a tracking link from your ClickMeter account.
    (Remember to use  the URL that you need to share in your Twitter message as the destination URL)
  2. Use this tracking link in your tweets instead of the original destination URL
That's it. Now just look at your stats. When one of your followers clicks on the tracking link, he will be redirected to the original destination URL and all the visitor information will be stored in your ClickMeter account in real-time.
Following an example of how your message may appear on Twitter:
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