Track Banner Clicks and Views - Impressions

If you have an advertisement banner or image on your website, you can simply keep track of every click and view that the banner/image receives.

If your website contains banners or image advertisements, with ClickMeter you can track the clicks & views through these channels by following the instructions below. 

Click and view tracking (impressions on your banners):

  1. Upload the banner/image to your website, or in any of the image hosting services, and get the address (URL) of the image. 
  2. Create a tracking link in your ClickMeter account and use the image/banner address as the destination URL.
  3. Use the tracking link in place of the original image URL to load the banner.
    (e.g: <img src=""> )
  4. Create a tracking link from your ClickMeter account and use the landing page URL you want to promote as destination URL.
You're now ready to place your banner HTML script on the promoting page:

<a href="">
<img src="" width="468" height="60" border="0" alt="Banner description"></a>

When a visitor opens the webpage which contains this banner/image and clicks on the banner/image the information about the visit and click will be stored in your ClickMeter account.

List of websites where to host your images for free:

  • Photobucket (
    This site offers free image/video hosting services. Simple to use and upload files. Login will be required.
  • Imgur (
    It is the simplest image hosting website. Login is not mandatory.  

Additional info in our glossary:

Track banner views


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