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Tracking Craigslist ads (posts) is quick and easy using ClickMeter.
You can monitor views (impressions), clicks and conversions of your Craigslist listings. With ClickMeter, you can easily monitor all your ads from one place, understand which ad is working and why. All data is collected and available in real time.

How to track views on your Craigslist ads (tracking pixels):

  1. Create a new tracking pixel. (How to create a tracking pixel - video)
  2. While creating the post in Craigslist, embed the tracking pixel code (small code) at the end of the posting description area. 

    track views (impressions) in craigslist ads (tracking pixel)
  3. Publish the post and wait for users to visit your ad. 
  4. As you can see in the following screenshot, the tracking pixel is not visible to the end-user, it's just embedded in the code.

    Track Craigslist clicks (links)

When a user visits your post on Craigslist, information about him/her will be tracked and stored in your ClickMeter account. Reports will include details such as unique or non-unique visitor, country of origin, IP address, time of visit, referral, browser information and much more.

How to track clicks from your Craigslist ads (tracking links):

Now that you placed a tracking pixel in your ads you will know in real-time who is reading them. At this point, you may want to know who is clicking on them and reaching your landing pages. This is even easier using ClickMeter:

  1. Create a new tracking link (watch the video).
  2. Use this tracking link in your ads instead of the original link to your landing page.
  3. All done, simply wait for your customers.

The formula: clicks/views is the CTR (click through rate) percentage and will inform you about the propensity of who read and clicked your ads. This tells you how good your ads are and if they prompt visitors to click them.

Advanced redirect:
Using ClickMeter you can optimize your conversion process with our advanced redirect features. For example you can cloak your links or redirect mobile users to another website.

Important note:
Craigslist does not like URL shorteners and redirects. They can not easily check destination URLs and assure ad quality, in fact if you are using a URL-shortener, the landing page address can easily be changed. That's why the Craigslist team sometimes blacklists URL-shortener domains. The most popular URL-shortening services are blacklisted! To prevent our domain from being blacklisted we are in contact with their team and we constantly check their lists. ClickMeter has a strict anti-spam policy and all unwanted and suspicious redirects are removed. We also provide (create) new domains every so often. Ultimately the very best option will be using your own domain within the ClickMeter tracking links: dedicated domain (Vanity URL). We are one of the  few tracking and URL-shortening services offering this advanced feature. Alternatively you can also look at the go.htm feature.

How to track Conversions coming from your Craigslist ads:

After you know who viewed and who clicked your Craigslist ads, you may want to know who converted and which ads are working better. Using ClickMeter you can also track conversions (only available for PAID plans). This means that you will know who viewed your Craigslist ads and which of those viewers subscribed or became a paying member. This is super easy to do, and you can associate conversion tracking to both tracking pixels or tracking links. For more information look at this video about conversion tracking.

Important note:

Craigslist is not allowing IMG and LINK tags in most of the categories, including SALES and HOUSING. So for those categories it's not possible to use the tracking pixel to track views or tracking links to track clicks: "A, IMG, FONT, TABLE, DIV, SPAN, CENTER are disallowed in the for sale and housing sections. Please use CL image upload for images".

As reported by some of our customers these are some of the categories where HTML tags are NOT accepted:
         • jobs >marketing/advertising/pr
         • jobs >sales
         • jobs >customer service
         • gigs >computer gigs
        • services >small biz ads
*please make sure you test even if you are using other categories.

A possible workaround for categories like these is to publish the tracking link without linking it. See following example, the ClickMeter tracking link is the one circled in red. In this way you will not be able to track impressions (views) but you will track clicks and conversions.


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