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Tracking Google AdWords ads inside your ClickMeter account is simple and effective.
ClickMeter is a great companion tool to AdWords and helps you optimize search and display campaigns.

Why ClickMeter is great for AdWords

  1. All in one place
    Imagine you activated marketing campaigns in different places using different tools: AdWords, Facebook advertising, emails, blog posting etc. It becomes difficult and time consuming to manage all the different platforms and compare reports. ClickMeter gives you the possibility to monitor and compare all your campaigns in one place.

  2. Drill down into your stats
    In ClickMeter you will find some detailed data which you cannot find in the AdWords platform. ClickMeter in fact provides data for every single click made on your ads. Hence you can drill down even to a single click to see:
    • When: the Timestamp is useful to know if clicks or conversions are concentrated in a particular part of the day.
    • From where: nation, region, city, ISP.
    • Who: if it is a returning user, from which organization they come from.
    • Keyword: which keyword was searched to reach your ad.
    • Referrer: website they found your ad on.
    • Desktop or Mobile: the type of device people are reaching your ad on.
    • and other minor data such as browser and operating system type, which are useful if you want to understand what part of your traffic comes from mobile, desktop etc...
  3. Real time
    Most of the ClickMeter stats are updated in real-time so you can make decisions now and not tomorrow. The ClickStream report, as an example, allows you to visualize the clicks from your campaign the moment they happen. Conversions are also tracked in real-time.

  4. Advanced redirection management
    Every single click made on AdWords is important because you pay for it. Therefore, you may want to optimize your conversion rate. ClickMeter offers you a set of advanced redirection options such as: language, mobile or desktop, promotion period, etc., where you can easily change the destination URL inside the ClickMeter platform without waiting for the ad to be re-approved from Google.

  5. Share reports with one click
    Sharing results with one or multiple partners, collaborators, customers, etc., is very easy and you do not need to share all your AdWord campaigns, as you can choose to only share reports for a single ad or campaign.

  6. Third party certification
    Although Google is known as a very honest and precise company (and we can confirm this), in the end it is the company that is selling you visibility and, at the same time providing you the tracking of clicks. This is a clear conflict of interest. ClickMeter is a third party company that ensures you the transparency and the reliability of results. 

  7. Detect competitors unethical behaviors (click fraud detection)
    ClickMeter shows how many clicks come from the same IP. It will easily tell you if a competitor is trying to consume your budget by clicking on ads frequently.

How to integrate ClickMeter in my AdWords ads

Using ClickMeter inside AdWords is a very simple and fast procedure. All you need to create is a tracking link in ClickMeter and use it as the destination URL in your AdWords ads.


Tips for a better setup

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