Track Subscriptions (opt-ins)


In ClickMeter, you can easily track subscriptions (opt-ins) to your services, such as: newsletters, requests for info and, in general any form that is compiled by your lead customers.

  1. Create a conversion code and place it in the thank-you page of the newsletter process. 
  2. Create a tracking link using the link to the form page (newsletter subscription, signup, etc...) as the destination URL. 
  3. Associate this tracking link with the conversion code that you created. 
  4. Use this tracking link in your ads or give it to your partners, colleagues and friends.

Please note that the best practice is to create as many tracking links as your ads and/or your partners. This way you will know exactly from where the traffic is coming. Also note that you just have to create one conversion code and you can associate it with as many tracking links as you need.

Once you start receiving the traffic, you can see how many visitors are subscribing to your newsletter or signing up. You can see the source of the visitors and from which source you are getting more clicks and conversions (subscriptions). This will help to provide more focus on the way you advertise your services and eliminate the low conversion methods. 

A real example

Following is an example about how we track subscriptions. This is  a banner we publish at the end of all our blog posts. It contains the link to the subscription form and at the same time this is a ClickMeter tracking link telling us who, from where, and when the person accessed this form and eventually if their visit leads to a subscription.


Track subscriptions


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