Discover who opened your emails

Are you going to send a newsletter to many users or a mass commercial email to your customers?
Why don't you track who effectively opened the email? (or clicked on a specific link)

This is super-easy with ClickMeter (if you can access your email database and know a little about programming).
Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a New tracking pixel:
    You will get something like this as the result: <img height='0' width='0' alt='' src='' />
  2. Add a parameter to the HTML code: <img height='0' width='0' alt='' src='' />
    "?email" is static and "recipientemail" should be changed dynamically every time a new email is sent and should be the email of the customer whom you are sending the email to. This requires a little programming, but every developer can make it happen in just minutes.
  3. Insert the modified tracking pixel code in your email.
  4. Done!
    In the Top Parameter Report you will now be able to see who opened the email you sent.

Do you need to know who clicked on a specific link inside the email too?

This is even simpler! Now you need to create a new tracking link and add the "?email=" parameter there.
(Just follow the same procedure explained before)


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