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Tracking links geo-targeting

If you are working with pay per clicks (PPC) and are in need to Geo-block or Geo-target clicks, you can do so through the ClickMeter platform. Geo targeting using tracking links is becoming more and more important every day and it's a very popular feature in ClickMeter.
One of your customers may have asked to purchase clicks from a specific nation. In this case you can send traffic to his landing page(s) only from this (these) nations and send the rest of the traffic to other landing pages.

How you can geo-target your traffic

While creating a new tracking link in you ClickMeter dashboard, you will have the option to redirect clicks by the country of origin.


For both geo-blocking and geo-targeting you will need to create multiple landing pages, with each one dedicated to the country being targeted or blocked. Clicks from your ClickMeter tracking link will then be routed to the appropriate page ("pay per" site or alternative landing page) depending on the country of origin of the click.  



At least two reports will tell you where the traffic was directed to:

  • Top Countries
  • Top Destination URLs (landing pages)

You will be able to share these reports in real-time with your customer and make him or her pay only for the (unique) visitors that were coming from the specific nation he or she is interested in.


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