How To Test Landing Pages

Which of my landing pages is the best?

ClickMeter makes it easy to test multiple landing pages to determine which is the most successful in converting traffic. For example, imagine that you need to test three different landing pages and the conversion is a visitor opt-in, meaning the visitor is converted when he subscribes to your email-list.

STEP #1)
Create a conversion code and place it in the thank you page:

STEP #2)
Create as many tracking pixels as there are landing pages you need to test, in this case three. Then place them in the HTML of the landing pages:

Now ClickMeter will track all the visitors on your landing pages and will determine which one is converting more.


When you create tracking pixels you need to associate each one to the conversion code you create in Step #1. Please note that different pixels can be associated to the same conversion. The best practice is to create a conversion code specifically for the landing page test so that data will not be "mixed" and "confused" with other results coming from other tests or campaigns.



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