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In any online marketing activity there is a lowest common denominator: the link. 
In order to redirect traffic to your landing pages, offer, products etc... you need to insert a link in your messages and ads.
ClickMeter helps you get the best from all your marketing links.

With ClickMeter you can empower any link and increase click-through and conversion rates of all your marketing campaigns. Access tools like: redirect, track, monitor and share. ClickMeter power-links can be used in any medium: Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, content sharing, forum posting, emails, display & video, flash creativity, etc...

ClickMeter does not replace but complements your current marketing tools. We do not ask you to change the way you market your products. 
With ClickMeter you have an additional powerful and easy to use weapon to increase your revenues and defeat competitors.


Redirect visitors to where they will yield the best conversions rates.
With twenty redirect rules each time a visitor clicks on a tracking link they have the possibility of being redirected to a different landing page. For example you can redirect based on the device (eg.: mobile or desktop), language or country in which the click originated. There are hundreds of combinations that can be set up and paired along with the other tools in our dashboard.

Consolidate and compare all marketing campaigns in one dashboard.
Each time a tracking link is clicked ClickMeter will record in real-time how many clicks it receives, the geographic origin (country/region/city/state), keywords, the IP address and ISP or organization, if it was clicked by a human or a machine, if the click came from a proxy server, if the click is unique or non-unique and more. All of this information is necessary to understand the quality of your traffic and to identify if you have been the victim of click-fraud. From the ClickMeter dashboard users can compare the performance of each campaign and tracking link at a glance. The dashboard reporting also allows users to dig deeper into the granular details and analyze each individual click.

Many ways to track conversions.
Not all businesses are the same which means not all conversion tracking is the same. ClickMeter recognizes this and provides users five methods to track conversions. Through the ClickMeter dashboard users can create varying conversion codes snippets to fit their needs; including a conversion pixel. For users looking to record conversions via user clicking a button, OnClick conversion tracking is available. For the sophisticated affiliate marketing professionals Server to Server (postback URL) conversion tracking is the most accurate means to tracking conversion when editing a confirmation or thank you page is not an option.

Sub-accounts to collaborate with partners and co-workers.
User's can create sub-accounts so that multiple users can create and manage links at any level within a company. Through the sub-account tool user's can also activate the read-only function and share reports in real time with customers.

Monitor landing pages.
Having an efficient and working landing page at the end of the process is a must. For each link ClickMeter will check the status of the landing page(s) and report if there is an issue. Users are alerted about error 404 (page not found), error 500 (server error), high latency in loading of a landing page, syntax error and more.

Your domain for the short tracking links.
A defining feature of ClickMeter is the ability to create a tracking link using the user's domain. This is a recommended practice since it can raise a users click-through rate up by 60% versus using a generic link shortner. A branded short domain increases brand visibility, enforces link trust and optimizes SEO ranking.


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