How to track my Affiliates Performances


If you are a merchant and you need to track the performances of your affiliates ClickMeter is the right service for you. 
You will in fact be able to track sales in real-time, ensure the third-party data reliability and share results with your affiliates.

If you have or want to configure a marketing channel based on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or CPL (Cost Per Lead) and you don't want use one affiliation platform or networks then ClickMeter is a very good alternative for you: starting from $29/month.

Most known affiliation platform are very expensive and less flexible than ClickMeter. In fact they do not offer all the configuration possibilities as well as redirect and optimization features we offer. Affiliation networks like ShareASale or Commission Junction are even less flexible and they do not allow you to retain your affiliate community: once an affiliate sign up it is not owned by you but by the affiliation network. Since ClickMeter is a general purpose tracking service the only downside is that we don't manage the "administrative" part of the process: Affiliate subscription and payments.


Setup affiliate tracking

In the following we'll show you a step by step guide to track your affiliate performances. With ClickMeter you can track as many affiliates and campaigns you need at no extra cost.

1) Create a conversion code and name it with the conversion goal. Eg.: "sales" (video)

2) Create a new campaign for each of your affiliate and name it with the name of the Affiliate. Eg.: "John" (video)

3) Create one (or more) tracking link for each of your affiliates and name with the name of the creativity to share. Eg.: "Banner link".
Each link must be included in the apposite campaign you created earlier. For each tracking link associate the conversion code you create earlier. The same conversion code can be associated to all tracking links. (video)

4) Create a guest account for each of your affiliates. Name it with the affiliate name. Eg.: "John"
Share for each affiliate his campaign in "CAN VIEW" mode. This will allow each of your affiliate to access just their link(s) performance report in real-time and read-only mode:

5) Distribute the tracking links to all your affiliates so that they can start to promote your products or services.


Useful tips:

A - Depending on how many affiliate you need to manage you can perform the previous tasks manually or automatically using our API:

B - Tracking links domain and logo can be personalized to have an even deeper integration with your website:
----> LOGO:

C - Value, commission and parameter tracking,
is possible, and recommended with ClickMeter: (video)


Contact us:

We understand that setting up all that may not be easy. Although you have a great flexibility in designing your affiliation program and tracking it with ClickMeter, you may have additional questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us and an expert team of marketing managers and engineers will be ready to hepl you in the setup process:


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