Google Analytics + ClickMeter via UTM URL builder

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand traffic behavior while ClickMeter is a tool to understand where and how you’re driving traffic to your website. It’s very simple to integrate Google Analytics with ClickMeter and see ClickMeter data merged with Google Analytics.

1) After you create a tracking link or a link rotator, in the confirmation page, click on the UTM button.


2) An UTM URL builder will popup, fill all the fields (at least the mandatory ones) and click on Add UTM


3) ClickMeter will create a Tracking link with the UTM parameters associated to it. For example:

4) Each visitor that clicks on this tracking link and redirects to your website, Google Analytics will record the UTM data in your reports. In order for this to happen please remember to install the Google Analytics code on your website.



- You can add UTM parameters to any ClickMeter tracking link and have the ability to change the parameters "on the fly".   Each time a visitor clicks the tracking link ClickMeter will pass the parameters to the destination URL which then will be reported by Google Analytics.  But in order for this to happen please be sure to verify that the "Forward parameters" option is activated in your tracking link.

- It is not uncommon to see reporting discrepancies between ClickMeter and Google Analytics. The following article explains in depth the reasons behind this:

Google UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags tags allow you to add extra information to the link you create. This extra information appears in the Google Analytics reports under Traffic Sources. The UTM parameters allows you to build a custom unique link to put onto ads, email campaign links, and other links in which you can define the source and campaign.


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