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Track Bing Keywords

With ClickMeter you can precisely track each keyword performance from your Bing Ads campaigns. ClickMeter users just need to pass the keyword dynamically to ClickMeter tracking links. 

Bing uses {keyword} syntax.
Users need to add this variable to the ClickMeter tracking link in the Bing destination URL field as a parameter, after the "?" question mark. As an example, look at the following image.

This is how we use it in the ClickMeter Bing Ads campaigns:



Please note that the users will need to create tracking links using the dedicated domain feature offered through the Large and X-Large plans. The domain name used there should be the same domain name you use in your display URL so you need to setup a dedicated domain name in ClickMeter.

As the result you will be able to include the "keyword" parameter inside the click data in raw and aggregated data. 
This an example from one of our campaigns on search engines.


Please note that the Keyword column in your dashboard will show the keywords provided by the 
the tracked keywords will be displayed in the Parameter column.


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