How to assign campaigns to the Share Link

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Could you please check see if the 'share' link is working? i have checked the share link before that, it was perfectly fine by then. But right after i uploaded a new brand logo and added the link under facebook campaign. The 'share' link just didnt work. Please help. Thanks in advance

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We do not have issue with guest account, it seems to work very well.

When you create a new guest you need to associate one or more campaign to this guest. Free users have just one (default) campaign but all other subscription plans allows you to create and assign campaigns.

Please double check you assigned at least a campaign to your new guest account.
To assign a campaign just:
- go in the page with guest account
- click on the "chain" little icon
- drag and drop from left to right the campaigns you want to give access to

please write us in case you need more info

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