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Hi I was directed to your site I have been having problems with links being taken without a response or who clicked it. Is there a way to set up click meter to allow me to track who is clicking on my posts? The links that i'm talking about is Http links for farmville. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and how to set it up would be wonderful.

Thanks Tammie.


Hi Tammie,

Yes, of course you can track Facebook links and Farmville too. Just login in you ClickMeter account and create a tracking link "CREATE NEW" button in the top right of the page and select TRACKING LINK. Then use this tracking link instead of your original link. When someone click on this link he is redirected to your original link and lot of data about this visitors will be stored in your ClickMeter account.

More info here: http://9nl.com/howto

Best Regards

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