Admin menu and reports

After the WordPress plugin has been activated a new administration menu named "ClickMeter" will appear in your WordPress panel.

This menu can be used to access various reporting options provided by ClickMeter.  By clicking on any of the options (under Settings) you will be redirected to your ClickMeter dashboard.  All the reports from your WordPress site have been integrated to your ClickMeter account dashboard.


  • Settings:  Check your ClickMeter account and permissions, upgrade your subscription and configure your plugin behavior.
  • Visits Report: Stats about your post and pages visitors: how many visits, conversions, if human or robots, etc... Once you are in this page you can click on the post/page name and get detailed stats. Clicking this link will open your ClickMeter account dashboard.
  • Visitors Stream:  Shows details, in real-time, about people who are visiting your posts and pages: IP address, country, organization, browser, operating system, keyword, referring site, etc... . Clicking this link will open your ClickMeter account dashboard.
  • World Stream:  Shows who is visiting your posts and pages right now on a World map. Clicking this link will open your ClickMeter account dashboard.
  • List of Tracking Links: Is the list of the short tracking links you created in your WordPress plugin.
  • New Tracking Link: You can create new short tracking links directly from you WordPress admin panel. These links can be used inside or outside your WordPress website.  Advanced options allow you to access some of the ClickMeter's redirection and tracking features. If you need more advanced options then you can "edit" the link after it's created. The link will be opened in edit mode inside your ClickMeter dashboard.
  • 404 Report: Tells you how many (and who) of your WordPress visitors opened the 404 (Page not Found) page because they tried to open a page using a wrong link(URL).
  • Support: This is a link to our support pages, to get more detailed information about this plugin and other features of ClickMeter
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