Getting started: Download and Activation

Using the ClickMeter plugin for WordPress is simple.

NOTE: To activate the plugin you need to be registered with ClickMeter.  At the ClickMeter website you can register either as a free or premium subscriber depending on how many events you need to track and how many links you need to shorten.  You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade anytime without additional costs.

  • Download the plugin from here:
  • Install like any other WordPress plugin from your WordPress site administration menu.
  • Open the activation page (shown below), insert a valid API-Key in the text box. The API Key can be found in your ClickMeter account:
  • Click on "Save API key" button.

  • If a valid key is submitted a popup will appear.  You will need to choose if you want to track all your existing posts and pages. If you choose "Yes" (recommended) a tracking pixel will be created in your ClickMeter account for each of your posts and pages. Tracking will start immediately!

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