What is a blocked tracking link and how can I remove the block?

Blocked link In ClickMeter a tracking link is blocked when we find that the destination URL where the link redirects to is listed in one of the most popular blacklists. When a user clicks on a blocked link he is sent to a meta-page with info about the risk of spam they may incur. Redirect to destination URL is possible only if the visitor press the  "continue" button.


To assure the best quality of our tracking links ClickMeter constantly checks URLs against most popular black-list and validator online services.
We check the link the moment a user tries to create a tracking link and this includes batch mode. There is a robot that constantly scans all tracking links to find suspect URLs. If found then the tracking link is blocked.

How to un-block?

We remove a block from a tracking link the moment the link is removed from the black-list(s) and our crawler checks the link. Black-list maintainers periodically check and update their lists and your links could be naturally removed. The best thing is to contact them via the dedicated forms on their respective sites to accelerate the process. Once the destination URL is removed from the black-list you need to wait our robot to scan your tracking link again to release the block.  In particularly urgent cases you can mail to abuse@clickmeter.com  and specify which link(s) have been black-listed and request to un-block it. Before sending the email make sure that the link has been removed from all the following lists.  Send the email including this info: the email you use to log into ClickMeter; the tracking link name and URL and the destination URL.

Which lists

We check the quality of our tracking links (including destination URLs) against the best black-list maintainers.Here are some:


Since we believe some destination URL (at this moment) are taking care of maintaining the quality of their links and/or contents we white-listed some of them regardless of the fact they may be black-listed. Here are some: t.co; goo.gl; bit.ly; budurl.com

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