Advanced redirect methods

ClickMeter offers multiple options of redirect modes for tracking links.
These settings are available when you create or modify an existing tracking link under the "Redirect mode" option.

  • Simple redirect
    It's the default redirect mode which redirects the user to the main destination URL
    Unless other options (Expiration date, password, etc... are active)

  • By language
    Redirects the user based on the user browser languages.
    Useful in case you have the landing pages in different languages.

  • By nation
    Redirects the user based on the user country.
    Useful in case you need to present different offers/webpages for different nations (countries).

  • Dynamic destination
    Destination URLs can be allocated dynamically (DDU).
    Read more about DDU

  • By device type
    You can specify a different landing page if the tracking link is clicked from one of the following:
    • Phones/tablets
    • Spiders/Bots
    • Email clients
  • In case you need to rotate links ClickMeter has a specific tool called Links Rotator


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