Why does ClickMeter say that the specified URL is blacklisted?

How it works

To assure the best quality of all our tracking links, ClickMeter constantly checks URLs against the most popular blacklist and validator online services. The system checks the main domain of the link you insert into our dashboard (destination URL box) the moment you try to create the tracking (short) link.

If the main domain is listed in one of the most common blacklists, we do not allow you to create a new tracking link using this domain.

Which lists

We check the quality of our tracking links (including destination URLs) against the best blacklist maintainers. Here are some:

How to unblock?

We remove a block for a specific domain the moment the link is removed from the blacklist(s). Blacklist maintainers periodically check and update their lists, and your links could be naturally removed. 

The best thing is to contact them via the dedicated forms on their own sites to accelerate the process. Once the destination URL is removed from the blacklist you can try again to create the tracking link.



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