How to forward query parameters to the destination URL (landing page)

The forward parameters option is accessible when you are creating a new tracking link or link rotator.


With this option enabled, ALL parameters attached to the tracking link (or link rotator) will be passed to the destination URL.
eg.: when clicked will redirect to

In the case where the destination URL has its own parameters, the parameters from the tracking link will be added after the destination URLs parameters.
eg.: will redirect to

This is an alternative to passing only some parameters to the destination url

Passing all parameters can be useful in many specific cases such as:

  • when using tracking links in Google AdWords. Google in-fact attach a "gclid" parameter to the tracking link, this parameter is used in tracking results in Google Analytics
  • when you want to use UTM and record click's source in Google Analytics. Using the forward parameter option you will be able to add UTM directly on the tracking link and not in the destination URL field. E.g.:


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