SSL (Secure) Short Links - https

If you need to create short and secure tracking links with ClickMeter you can use the "" or "" domain.
This is particularly useful if you are publishing the link on a Secure SSL page.

How it works:

It's easy, when you create a new tracking link, just select the "" or "" domain and you will be able to use the tracking link with https prefix. Eg.:




- When using an https ready domain you must specify an "https://" url in the Destination URL field. This is necessary otherwise some browsers may alert the visitor that they are landing on a non-secure page or can even block the redirect. 
- This feature is only available to paid customers
- The same procedures can be applied also to link rotators
- The https protocol is designed as such that if you go from an https page to an http page, you lose all referrer data.

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