Expiring link generator (countdown)

Do you have a tracking link which will only redirect to a landing page for a certain period of time and then expire?

Or, do you want a tracking link which redirects to a certain landing page for a certain period of time, and then have it begin to redirect to an alternative landing page?


By following these steps in ClickMeter, you can set a countdown on any of your tracking links:

  1. Create a new tracking link.

  2. In the Options menu, select the Countdown option with the hour-glass icon.

  3. Using the arrows, start by choosing when you would like the tracking link to no longer redirect to the original URL landing page. Then determine what you would like the Expiration message to say after people click on the link. For example: "This link is expired"

  4. If you do NOT want people to simply land on an empty page with an expiration message, you can instead choose an Alternative URL, such as your company homepage. To do this, delete the default Expiration message and then you will be able to enter the Alternative URL of your choice.


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  • Countdown URLs
  • Expiring link generator
  • Expiring link shortener
  • Setting a countdown or timer on your tracking links
  • Setting an expiration date for your tracking links
  • Choosing an alternative URL for one of your tracking links once it has expired
  • Creating an expiration message on a tracking link which you've used the Countdown option for

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