Track individual Landing Page Performance within a Links Rotator

If you're looking to track the individual landing page performance within a ClickMeter links rotator,
there are two alternative procedures:


#1 Longer setup process but more control on links and more precise reports

you need to:

  1. Create a tracking links for each landing page you are testing (e.g.: three tracking links)
  2. Create one rotator
  3. Insert these tracking link in the rotator as the destination URL





  • The conversion code should NOT be assigned to the rotator itself but to each tracking link.
  • This way you will see how many conversion in total you have and from which landing page.
  • The sum of these conversions will be the conversions coming from the rotator itself.
  • If you use Tracking links as destinations URLs in the rotator every click will be counted twice in ClickMeter, once for the rotator and one for the Tracking link. This will consume your allocated events faster.

With this configuration you can easely discover which landing page is performing the best from different reports eg.:

  1. REPORTS > CONVERSIONS > Click on one of the conversions name > Select Top links from the drop-down menu
  2. REPORTS> TRACKING LINKS (be sure the conversion column is active. Click on the configuration gear icon on top right of the table)


#2 Faster setup process but less details in reports

follow this procedure:

  1. Create a rotator
  2. Use the landing page URL directly inside the Destination URL fields



The conversion this time must be assigned to the Rotator ONLY. You will know which of your rotator is conversting the most, whick conversion is working better (if you set up more than one conversion code eg.: opt-in and sales).
If you need to know which landing page is converting the most you have to:

  2. Click on the name of the Rotator you want to monitor
  3. In the page that you will get choose: "List of events" from the drop-down menu of the reports
  4. click on the "Gear" settings icon on the top right of your report (to decide which columns need to be shown)
  5. Select "Landing Page" from the options so that the landing page column will appear

You can eventually select "Conversions" from the drop down menu with the clicks types.




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