How Do I Setup my Tracking Links To Record Conversions?

In order to use ClickMeter to fullest capabilities and assist you in being successful with High Traffic Academy please follow these step-by-step instructions on creating tracking links and conversion codes for opt in and sales.  

1. Create  conversion code(s) for your opt in's and sales which will be associated to your ClickMeter tracking links. Once you've created the code(s) copy the conversion code pixel and paste into the HTA dashboard:



2. Paste the ClickMeter conversion code into the  Opt In conversion pixel box inside the HTA Dashboard:

Conversion code.png


3. Create a tracking links for your HTA landing pages. Please remember TO ONLY USE the ClickPromise link provided in your dashboard as the destination URL.



4. In order to record conversions through the ClickMeter tracking links users must associate the conversion to the tracking link. It's vital to the recording process that the conversion associated to the tracking link match the code that was pasted into the HTA dashboard. 



5. Now that you have created the tracking link for one of your landing pages you can create the link and repeat the process for each landing page you plan to use.  Please see our FAQ about setting up a links rotator to rotate all your landing pages. 



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