Should I Use ClickMeter or Google Analytics?

ClickMeter (CM) and Google Analytics (GA) are both web analytic tools but they address two different purposes.
Google Analytics is a good tool to identify visitor trends on your website (which countries are my customers coming from? What is the most used browser? etc.).
ClickMeter is specifically designed for Marketing Links Management and Marketing Source Analysis.

Here are four reasons why you should use link tracking tools like ClickMeter and not just Google Analytics to track your web marketing campaigns:

1) Google Analytics is not that accurate.

Data reported in Google Analytics is always less than the actual traffic numbers.

  • JavaScript:
    "Google Analytics uses JavaScript tags to collect data. This industry-standard method yields reliable trends ... but it's not perfect” ... “Common problems include JavaScript errors, redirects, untagged pages and slow client-side load times.” ... Considering that around 10% of users have JavaScript disabled, you have potential to miss out on recording 1 in 10 visitors right away. Google Analytics JavaScript code is usually in the footer of the page, so will not count a visitor who leaves before the page fully loads.
  • Cookies:
    Google Analytics only tracks visitors who have cookies enabled on their browser. Cookies can get lost, blocked, and/or deleted over time. No cookies, no count.

2) Google Analytics is not real-time.

Your marketing decisions need to be done now and not tomorrow! GA updates the bigger part of your reports every 24+ hours making it difficult to react fast. Unless you buy the GA-PRO version that “only” costs $150,000 per year [].

3) Google Analytics needs you to own the host website.

Unlike tools like GA, KissMetrics and Omniture, ClickMeter can provide you with website metrics when you don’t control the website. Want metrics for a message you wrote on Twitter or Pinterest? Use a tracking link. Want data from a blog post or a product you are advertising like an affiliate? You can use a ClickMeter link for that too.

If you are an agency or an affiliate, working for someone else's website, it is often impossible to install the Google code or to obtain access to the company website stats. Now imagine if you have tens or hundreds of customers? What if the destination website doesn't allow you to place a code in the HTML (e.g. Facebook)?

4) Google Analytics just provides you with aggregated reports.

Sometimes it's necessary to go deep into a report to understand why something is happening. You may need to know that you're receiving a high percentage of clicks from the same IP and maybe want to stop your ads from being shown to that IP. If you suspect you're to be the victim of click-fraud activities, you will need a detailed report showing each suspect click by IP and time stamp to ask for a refund from the organization that is providing visibility in exchange for your money. Unfortunately, GA is only providing aggregated stats and there is no way for you to access a click-by-click report like you can with ClickMeter.

In summary:

ClickMeter is specifically designed to track web marketing actions that create leads for you or your customers. Our tracking technology is based on link redirects and is 100% accurate and detailed. It is real-time with no installation or software to download. From our online dashboard you can create a new tracking link and you're ready to go.


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