Onclick conversion tracking


Onclick conversion tracking (OCT)

is a way to track conversions when you can not modify the Thank You Page code.
In this case the conversion is tracked in the moment a button or a link is clicked.

With ClickMeter onclick conversion snippets you are able to redirect the customer to the appropriate thank you page and in the meanwhile track the conversion.

With this method you are will able to track multiple conversions in the same page, simply adding forged HTML link or button tags, each one it can redirect to a different URL. OCT is based on the idea of exploiting the OnClick event associated to a specific anchor or button HTML in your page. When the event triggers your conversion is tracked.

1) as explained in the instruction you see in the above image. You need to insert two different codes in the page, one is the javascript code and the other is the link or button code.

2) Use only one onclick for every page. More than one will probably break your page. 

Here is a simple example about using OCT.

Imagine you have your web page “www.mysite.com” and want to track conversion when a button (or link) is clicked in this page. The button is called “Sign in” and redirects to the page “www.mysite.com/thankyou”:

  1. At first, you have to create a new conversion (Here is a video about how to create a conversion)
  2. Once created you can choose the conversion button or link code snippets.
  3. You have to copy the script in your page; also you can generate a ready-to-use button only setting the redirect URL ( “http://www.mysite.com/signin”), the content (“Sign In”) and the type of HTML tag (button or link).


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