How to add conversion code in some opt-ins services (thank you page you do not own)

Thank You Page

When you track conversions you necessarily need to place a conversion code snippet (also known as conversion pixel) in the thank-you page. This is the page just after the conversion happens, where, usually, you say thank you to your lead or customer or subscriber. In the Specific case of the opt-ins market it is the page the visitor see just after he leave you his email and click the button.

The tracking code must be there because it tells to the tracking software the conversion happened. This is the standard way to track conversions is a technique used by the large majority of tracking and advertising systems and by all the most famous of them.

- The Thank you page is not the Landing page. The landing page is the place where your tracking link redirect the visitors, is the squeeze page, the page where you collect the email. The thank you page is the page just after the moment the email has been collected.
- Be sure the conversion code that is in your thank you page is the same you associated to the tracking link.

You can create just one conversion code and use it in all your thank you pages and with all you tracking links.

Third party opt-ins services thank you page

In many cases marketers use third party services to build opt-ins campaigns instead of their own websites. Then may be a little difficult to find out where to place the conversion code. In fact, in this case, you are going to insert an external code in a page managed by them. Quite all these services are aware their customers often use tracking and link managing system such as ClickMeter and that is why they have a solution to this problem.

Normally they allow you to use an external thank you page. A page you can manage, edit. They practically allow you to redirect customers to another, external, page just after the opt-in by specifying the link to that page.

  • AutoPilot

  • AWeber

  • InfusionSoft

  • Megaphone App
    Allows you to track conversions directly with ClickMeter or Google Analytics:

  • Mailchimp

  • LeadPages
    IMPORTANT NOTE: some of our customers are experimenting conflicts between our conversion code snippet and LeadPages thank you page. the solution is to NOT use the all conversion code but only the conversion pixel (is the second option after you create the new conversion). If you want to get this code from an existing conversion then Open: REPORTS > CONVERSIONS, then mouse-over the conversion you are interested in, the ACTIONS button will appear. Click on it and select: "Conversion Snippet": after you click, in the new page choose "Conversion tracking pixel" and NOT the Conversion code... for your thank you page.
  • Get Response

Thank you page managed by you

Once the Thank you page is redirected to a page you can manage, you should create your own simple thank you page on your website, and if you do not even have a website then you can create that page using one of the many free services online. The important thing is that the new thank you page contains the conversion code snippet.

Other cases

In the unlucky case that the opt-in external service is not allowing you to include the conversion code and not even redirects to a custom thank you page than email them saying you are using ClickMeter to track conversions, they should find a way to help you.  If not, then close your account with this service and switch to a more professional one.


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