Track commissions costs in percentage (%)

When you want to assign commissions to a conversion and you need this value to be calculated in % of the conversion value you can use the vars"ClickMeter_conversion_commission_percentage" in the script and "comperc"in the conversion pixel url to have the system calculate the commission of a conversion based on a percentage of the value.


Following is an example of the conversion code with these parameters highlighted:

commission-tracking-percentage.pngExample if you set 5.5 and the value of the conversion is "1,000" the commission will be calculated and saved in our systems as "50.5" 5.5% of 1,000)


  •  The parameter will work ONLY if the conversion parameter ( conversion_commission and com) is either not sent or set to 0 (or 0.00)
  •  When specify the commission % do not insert the "%" symbol and use "." (dot) for decimals
  • If you don’t need to use this parameter you can leave it at 0.00 and it will be ignored by ClickMeter
  • In order to calculate commission value, conversion value parameter must be live as well " var ClickMeter_conversion_value = {xxx_xxx}

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