Shopify Conversion Tracking - Recording Additional Data

If you're using ClickMeter for Shopify conversion tracking and are in need to record additional details of the call-to-action (CTA) you can include additional syntax to the ClickMeter conversion code to do so. ClickMeter provides dynamic conversion tracking allowing users to input the required syntax to record details like shopping cart value, product ID, number of products etc... (for more information about recording conversion values please click here). 

Follow these steps to include additional Shopify syntax to the ClickMeter conversion code:

1. Create the conversion code within the ClickMeter dashboard



If users are setting up multiple conversion codes be sure to accurately and clearly identify each conversion in the conversion name. 



2. Embed the conversion code in Shopify

Within the users Shopify dashboard the conversion code will need to be embedded in the "Additional Content & Scripts box. Users can access the "Additional Content & Scripts box through the Shopify dashboard "Settings" and "Checkout" pages. 

After embedding the ClickMeter conversion code in the "Additional Content & Scripts box" users can now edit the variables of the conversion code with the appropriate syntax provided by Shopify.


3. Update the syntax into the ClickMeter conversion code 

Unlike many checkout platforms Shopify provides their users the correct syntax required for converion tracking by third party platforms.  You can find the correct syntax throughout the Shopify support center.

Some of the more popular Shopify syntax are below:

  • Shopping cart value: {{ total_price | money_without_currency }}
  • Transaction ID: {{ order_number }}
  • SKU/code: {{ line_item.sku }}
  • Product name: {{ line_item.title }}
  • Unit price: {{ line_item.price | money_without_currency }}
  • Quantity: {{ line_item.quantity }}

Once you have the correct syntax users will then update the "var" section of the ClickMeter conversion code already pasted into the "Additional Content & Scripts box through the Shopify dashboard "Settings" and "Checkout" pages. 


<! code for conversion: -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
    var ClickMeter_conversion_id = 'A531F18FCECC4DEB9B2C3994556FBF41';

var ClickMeter_conversion_value = '{{ total_price | money_without_currency }}';
var ClickMeter_conversion_commission = '0.00';
var ClickMeter_conversion_commission_percentage = '0.00';
var ClickMeter_conversion_parameter = '{{ line_item.quantity }}';
<script type='text/javascript' id='cmconvscript' src='//'></script>
<img height='0' width='0' alt='' src='//' />


The conversion code has now been successfully setup to record additional data (shopping cart value and number of products).  When visitors click through the ClickMeter tracking link which has been associated to the conversion code, complete the call to action, the conversion pixel will fire and record the conversion as well as the values indicated in the syntax of the var section of the conversion code.  

To learn more about conversion tracking please review our conversion tracking FAQ 

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