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Shopify Conversion Tracking with ClickMeter can be very useful to understand which traffic source is producing the higher number of conversions and/or the higher sales amount. E-Commerce merchants using ClickMeter for Shopify conversion tracking can use these instructions for a quick and easy setup. ClickMeter conversion tracking setup requires three steps: 


1. Create the conversion code within the ClickMeter dashboard

(More info about how to setup conversions with ClickMeter)



If users are setting up multiple conversion codes be sure to accurately and clearly identify each conversion in the conversion name. 



2. Embed the conversion code in Shopify

Within the users Shopify dashboard the conversion code will need to be embedded in the "Additional Content & Scripts box. Users can access the "Additional Content & Scripts box through the Shopify dashboard "Settings" and "Checkout" pages. 

After embedding the ClickMeter conversion code in the "Additional Content & Scripts box" users can now create tracking links


3. Create a new link and associate the conversion code with the new tracking link

You need now to create a new tracking link and be sure that the conversion you previously created is associated to this specific link. 


Once the ClickMeter tracking link(s) has been created, with the appropriate conversion code associated,  users can distribute their links to start recording traffic and conversions. 


Useful to know:

  • The conversion code need to be created and embedded in your Shopify e-commerce website only once, while, in the tracking link creation process it needs to be associated every time. The association can be done just selecting the appropriate conversion code from the dropdown menu every time you create a new tracking link. 
  • Create a new tracking link for every promo channel you need to monitor. Eg a new tracking link for your FB promotion, a new tracking link for your mailing, etc... the more specific you are in segmenting your sources the more detailed data you will get. 
  • If you have other conversion codes in ClickMeter we suggest to create a specific code to track conversions in Shopify and not to use a conversion code you created for another website. 


ClickMeter requires two steps to record conversions:

1.  Visitor clicks the tracking link with the ClickMeter conversion code associated to it.
​2.  Visitor completes call to action and lands on the Shopify thank you/confirmation page which contains ClickMeter conversion code (which will fire when page loaded). 


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