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Digital Content. Real Value. 
We're a small, but passionate team that focuses on helping developers and content creators earn money from their work. We have been building powerful tools and long lasting relationships since 2011.
We build advertising tools for developers that allow them to make the most of their creations. Our focus is on ads that reward users for their engagement. Most developers don't implement ads correctly. We believe that ads should be integrated into applications in a way that enhances the user experience, not detracts from it.

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AdGate Media + ClickMeter
How to Setup a Postback url for conversion tracking 

1. Add the following Click-ID (Sub-ID) to the offer url (Landing page / Destination URL)


For example:[s2sidentifier]


2. Use the following TOKEN In the Postback URL you pass (insert) in the affiliate platform:



3. For the commission amount, use the following token:




Following an example of the code you need inside the section "Server to Server conversion (postback URL)” in your AdGate Media account. Adding those tokens will be something like:{aff_sub}&id=CA30FB...B6E5DD41D1E6&value=0.00&com={payout}

Important: the id value ("CA30FB...B6E5DD41D1E6") is specific to the conversion code (pixel) you are tracking and should be updated every time. 


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This page was last updated on 12 May 2016.
If this procedure is not longer valid please refer to AdGate Media support or ClickMeter support.

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