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Generating a Postback url for the Top rated affiliate networks is very easy with ClickMeter Postback Builder Tool, just follow the few steps below you'll be able to setup a server to server conversion tracking in seconds.

  1. Create a New Conversion - click on "CREATE NEW" blue button on the top right of your dashboard, then "CONVERSION CODE"

  2. Choose a name for the Conversion - e.g  MaxBounty - click on "Create conversion code" button

  3. Create a New Tracking Link - click on "CREATE NEW" blue button on the top right of your dashboard, then "TRACKING LINK"

  4. In the Destination url field paste your affiliate link - e.g. www

  5. Choose the Campaign you want this tracking link to be included in

  6. Click on the Conversion button below, click on "Choose a conversion" in the Conversion 1 field and select the conversion you just created - in this example MaxBounty

  7. Click on the Checkbox "Server to server (postback url)" and select MaxBounty 

  8. Click on "Show Postback Url button", grab the postback url and paste it in your MaxBounty affiliate account.

  9. Click on "Create link", the tracking link is now ready to be shared and it's ready for tracking conversions.

If your affiliate network is not in our list you can refer to ClickMeter support for compatibility between your affiliate network and the ones listed or you can configure it manually, look at instruction here:

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Setup a Postback url conversion tracking with the Postback url builder how to

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