Why I am not receiving clicks on my tracking links?

If you think some or all of your tracking links are not recording clicks properly or are not recording at all please double check:

  1. Are you looking at the right report?
    Make sure you are looking stats for the right tracking link, pixel or campaign you are expecting to receive clicks/visits from.

  2. Look at report filters
    Be sure the reports you are looking at are filtered by the right time-frame, status, etc...
    As an example: you may be looking at a click that was made right now in a report filtered to show you results from yesterday.

  3. Are You sure someone clicked on your link?
    To see clicks on your reports someone should have clicked on the tracking link. To be sure your setup is working make a test click on the tracking click itself. You have to use the tracking link in your ads and marketing messages, if you do not place the Tracking link there people cannot click on it and tracking cannot work.


The definitive test!
A very fast and easy test is to click yourself on the tracking link (not your link, but the link shortened inside ClickMeter) if you are redirected then the redirect works, and then check the clickstream report (http://my.clickmeter.com/ClickStream) your click should be there, this means tracking is working too. Also, be sure that the destination page (also landing or squeeze page) is working properly

Please note:
ClickMeter is used by many thousands of companies and professional marketers to track millions of links and pixels every day. The redirect and tracking system is the foundation of ClickMeter and is distributed on many servers in a very reliable environment (Amazon AWS) and a patented architecture. The up-time of ClickMeter systems is about 99,99% and can be publicly checked h24 from this page: status.clickmeter.com. Errors in click tracking are less than 0,0001% aligned with the best SLA standards of the best companies on the web.

In case you still feel something is wrong please write an email to support@clickmeter.com with a detailed explanation of the issue.
Do not forget to tell us why and how many clicks are you expecting on the reports; to include the email you use to log-in in ClickMeter; to specify from which link/pixel you are expecting clicks and to send a screenshot of the report.


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