Why I am not receiving any views on my tracking pixel?

If you think some or all of your tracking pixels are not recording views properly or are not recording at all, please check this:

  1. Did you placed the tracking pixel code in the webpage?
    Make sure that you placed the code snippet for the tracking pixel in the <body></body> section of the HTML of your webpage to be tracked.
    Place this code in all the pages that you wanted to track. 

  2. Check reports filters
    Be sure the reports you are looking at are filtered by the right time-frame, status, etc... 
    You can see the warning about the filters that you have selected in the top right section of the reports. 
    As an example: you may be looking at a view that was made right now, but in the report you choose the filter results from yesterday.

  3. Are you looking at the right report?
    Make sure you are looking at stats for the right tracking pixel for which you are expecting to receive visits from
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