Why reports from ClickMeter are different from what I see on my Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great (and free) analytic tool but unfortunately is not the most accurate way to track clicks on your marketing campaigns.

The Google number is almost always a smaller number” (source: dozens of ClickMeter customers)

Google Analytics uses JavaScript tags to collect data. This industry-standard method yields reliable trends ... but it's not perfect” ... “ Common problems include JavaScript errors, redirects, untagged pages and slow client-side load times.” (source: Google Analytics Blog)

Different analytic packages use different technologies to count visitors to your site, which can lead to discrepancies in the data. Google relies on JavaScript tags to track visitors. Since around 10% of users have JavaScript disabled, you miss out on counting 1 in 10 visitors right away.

Google Analytics JavaScript code is usually in the footer of the page, so Google Analytics will not count a visit if the user leaves before the page fully loads. It also only tracks visitors who have cookies enabled on their browser, and cookies get lost, blocked, and deleted over time. No cookies, no count. GA counts ignore visits from bots or spiders that crawl your site to fetch content for search engines. However, your web hosting service or blogging platform might count all of these visits. Some analytic tools place an invisible image on each page and whenever that image loads, a visit is counted. Since this count doesn’t rely on JavaScript or cookies, the count might be higher.

ClickMeter main tracking technology is not based on Javascript or cookies but on link redirect that is why reports are 100% accurate.


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