Which display URLs are accepted in Google AdWords?

Google have a specific page for display url in their policy section: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/175906
Basically you can not display an url too different from the landing page url. In this article we are going to briefly summarize their policy and tell you how you can use ClickMeter tracking links in AdWords. Infact using standard ClickMeter tracking link will force you to display an url including one of the ClicKMeter domains that is not the best practice in marketing actions.

What is the display url

In Google Ads the display URL is the website address that's displayed in your ad. In standard text ads, the display URL appears in green in the following example:

following the form for ad creation you can find in your AdWords account

Examples of accepted and not accepted urls

In the table below, "display URL" refers to the URL that users see in the ad and "landing page" (destination url) refers to the final landing page where users end up after clicking on the ad.

How to manage this in ClickMeter

The following options will allow to use your dedicated url in the AdWords ads and maintain all the advanteges in using ClickMeter to monitor and compare all your campaigns in one place.

  1.  Create your own dedicated domain in your account (discover how) [Best solution]
  2. Use go.htm file tool (discover how)

In alternative you can use a third level URL or simply the normal ClickMeter tracking link. In these cases the display url will be something like yourcompanyname.9nl.eu or 9nl.eu (please note that 9nl.eu is just an example).


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