Custom short URLs with SSL (https)

Only available for Large and X-Large plans: 

Sometimes users might need to publish and share tracking links with a dedicated domain using HTTPS (SSL secure protocol). This is possible with ClickMeter, after setup you will be able to use the HTTP and HTTPS version of your dedicated domain as a Tracking short link, there are two alternative procedures to do that:

  1. Free solution using CloudFlare
  2. Paid solution with a dedicated setup by ClickMeter engineers.

#1 Cloudflare

  1. Create a dedicated domain in your ClickMeter dashboard (Large or X-Large plan required)
  2. Subscribe to CloudFlare and follow their domain wizard.
  3. Add your domain to CloudFlare in the wizard (Step#1). You must add the main domain name even if you are using a subdomain (e.g. you have to setup even if you only have (a subdomain) on ClickMeter).
  4. Wait about 60 seconds for CloudFlare to load your current DNS records, then confirm your DNS records in the wizard (Step #2)
  5. Select a CloudFlare plan in the wizard (Step #3). The free one is a valid option.
  6. In step #4 Cloudflare communicates two of name servers to configure on your current domain control panel, please access your panel and update nameservers accordingly.
  7. Wait for the name servers update to take place (may take up 24 hours). You should receive an email by CloudFlare when done. 
  8. Your domain is now ready to work with ClickMeter in Https, Http can be used as well.

Useful optimization:  only if you are using your main domain as the custom URL shortener.
This procedure is NOT valid if you are using a subdomain (eg.:

CloudFlare allows you to forward your main/naked domain name (e.g. to ClickMeter directly. Your current configuration, instead, will perform a double redirect ( => To improve your links redirection:

1) Delete the ClickMeter A record
2) Change your current CNAME record to use name/hostname “@” (same address as before).


What SSL setting should I use?

- Supported setting is Flexible SSL
- Full SSL setting can be activated only following the Useful optimization mentioned above
- Full SSL (strict) setting is not supported at the moment.

Important Warning! 

Do not change the main DNS settings for a live website or blog. This will immediately disconnect the domain from the host, meaning your website will go down. ClickMeter, or any other URL shortener, does not work on an active website, it only works on a domain that is "empty" or not in use.

#2 ClickMeter team special setup

  1. Create a dedicated domain in your ClickMeter dashboard (Large or X-Large plan required)
  2. Contact ClickMeter team support[@] providing the following:
    • Email used to login into your ClickMeter account
    • The dedicated domain to be used in HTTPS

Important to know:

  • For the SSL service, you will be billed $25/month on top of your subscription plan per every domain under SSL
  • The setup of the certificate may take up to 7 business days from the moment we have receipt of all the info and material from you
  • We can't guarantee the success of the setup due to different configuration and behavior of SSL Certificates provided by various vendors. In case of unsuccessful setup, we will refund you the $25 rates you paid till that moment.


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