How do I change the email associated with the login?

Your login email is the primary key (id) in ClickMeter, it is associated with the login (is the username) and is necessary to uniquely identify your account.
you cannot change your email id by yourself.

To change it, you need to send a mail to us requesting to change your current login email address to a new one. The email should be sent from your current email address associated with the ClickMeter login. This will ensure that you own the email id and have the right to change the login details.

Please send your request to mentioning your new email address to which the login id has to be changed. Once we receive the request, we will verify the validity and will change the login email to the new one. A notification will be sent to you. 

NOTE: In case you are not able to send the request from the current address associated with ClickMeter then send the request from any other address but include the username and password you use to login in your ClickMeter account.

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