How can I downgrade or cancel my account?

You can downgrade or cancel your ClickMeter account at any time. Simply follow the steps:

If you are downgrading to a lower PAID plan then the system will ask you to make a new payment . Proceed with the payment.
If you want to re-upgrade in future, you can follow the same steps and upgrade to a higher account plan. If you are downgrading to a "FREE' plan, you will not be billed anymore but all your tracking links will be deleted in some days so that they will not track or redirect. So before you downgrade to free please be sure all your tracking links are inactive or are not used in active marketing campaigns.

If you want to definitively cancel your ClickMeter account and no longer need to use our service, you need to first downgrade to a small (FREE) plan and only after that send an email to from the email associated with your ClickMeter account, requesting to cancel it. We will review the request and cancel your ClickMeter account asap. All the datapoints and reports associated with this account will be deleted.
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