How to export a report (video)

Video tutorial to: export a report. (3:01) 

From your ClickMeter dashboard you can export reports of campaigns, links, pixels as well as most all other elements.  To export a report go to the menu option within your ClickMeter dashboard and select  REPORT. From the Report drop down menu select which element report you want to view.

To adjust the view-able data points in the report start by clicking on Wheel icon on the top right of the reporting screen.  You can filter the time frame by clicking the drop down menu located on the top right of the reporting screen. If you wanted to filter by "Tags" select the "Tag" drop down menu on the upper right of the reporting screen.  In addition to filtering by "Tags" I can also filter by campaigns that are marked as important.

Now to export the report click on the export button on the upper right of the reporting screen (indicated by an downward facing arrow).  A dialogue box will appear where you can select the data you would like to view in the exported report. Choose the column fields  you want to include in this report.  The separator is used to separate the fields in the report. You can choose any symbol for "non value".  Don't forget to give the report a name  which will appear in the list of exported reports page. When you're done click on the "Export CSV" button to stat exporting.

Your exporting is now progressing and you will be notified when it's done.  In the meanwhile return to your dashboard and  once you see the green notification icon at the top menu bar that means your report is ready to download.  Click on the download link on the top of the dashboard  to view all downloaded reports.  To begin downloading click on the link of the report you want to view. 

You will need any version of Microsoft Excel to view the CSV. reports. After downloading the CSV. file to Microsoft Excel you can upload to any other program.  

Watch this video on Youtube:

How to export a report


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