How to upgrade my ClickMeter account (video)

Video tutorial to: upgrade my ClickMeter account. (2:44)


You can upgrade your ClickMeter account at any time. To do so  log into your ClickMeter dashboard and go to the account menu at the top right of the screen and select 'My Subscription".  You will be redirected to the ClickMeter pricing and signup page where you will have the opportunity to select a new plan.  When you upgrade your plan from a free "Small" plan to any premium plan you're eligible for  ClickMeter's "30-day money back guarantee". If you don't like our services or if it 's not what you're looking for you are eligible for a refund for up to 30-days.  The  "30-day money back guarantee" is only available to those upgrading from a free "Small" plan to premium plan. The  "30-day money back guarantee" is ONLY eligible on the original (first) purchase.  

Once you've selected your plan  click on the upgrade button and complete the billing form.  All fields are mandatory when completing the billing form.   You will have the choice to select a month-to-month plan, pay in advance for 12-months for the price of 10-months or pay for 24-months in advance for the price of 18-months.  If you have some promotional codes you will apply them here.  You have three payment options to choose from; Paypal, credit card or wire transfer. 

Once you're done click the checkout button. There you go!  Your account now has been upgraded. It might take up to 60-minutes to reflect in your dashboard. If your account does not reflect the change after 60-minutes please contact

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How to upgrade my ClickMeter account


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