How to track conversion value (video)

Video tutorial for: tracking conversion value (3:50)

This is a follow up tutorial to the how to track conversion tutorial. If you haven't watched how to track a conversion tutorial please watch that video tutorial first. In this tutorial you will learn how to track different parameters such as conversion value, commission value and user defined parameters.

So let’s take a look at one of the conversion codes that you’ve created. Click on the action button and select one of the conversion snippets you’ve created.

  • var ClickMeter_conversion_value = '0.00';
  • var ClickMeter_conversion_commission = '0.00'
  • var ClickMeter_conversion_parameter = 'empty';

Here you can see three different parameters used to track different values during a conversion. The first conversion value denotes the value of a particular conversion. This can be the price of a product, subscription cost, etc... The second parameter is the commission value. This can be used to track the commissions that you receive through a particular conversion. For example if you are an affiliate marketer, pay per lead or pay per conversion you can use this parameter to calculate commissions. The third is a user defined parameter. You can assign any values such as product names, product id, etc… You should update this code with your values and update the thank you page again with the modified conversion code. You can get additional information about these conversion parameters from our support center article. This document will be updated time by time. So you might want to check it for more options in the future.

Let’s check the conversions by clicking REPORT and then CLICKSTREAM. You can see the conversion time and details of the person who made the conversion. Detailed reports are available in the conversion details page. From the dashboard you will click REPORTS and then CONVERSIONS. Here you can see the conversion and its details. You can see the conversion value, commission value along with the time of conversion. To see a list of clicks you can visit the details page by clicking on the conversion name and then selecting list clicks. Here you can see the conversion parameter values.

If you want to change any of the conversion settings go to the top menu, SETTINGS, CONVERSIONS. Here the First or Last Click can be set to figure out which click led to the conversion from the same user in the same link or if he clicked multiple times. You can also select a Cookie expiration to be used to set the conversion cookie expiration date as well as the type of currency for your conversions.

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