How to earn more clicks through referral program (video)

Video tutorial for: earning more clicks through referral program (2:29)  

Through the ClickMeter referral program you can earn more clicks. To get your unique referral link go to the username at the top right portion of the dashboard and select refer a friend. This will take you to the referral page where you will see the referral link. This is a unique link for each user that should be used when refering friends. When someone clicks on your referral link the click counter will increase and you can see the clicks you've earned through the referral program.
Let's check this is working by  copying the referral link and pasting it into a new window which should take you to the sign up page. The sign up page is where your friends will sign up to ClickMeter.  You should check your referral link after a few days to see how many clicks you received. For every person that not only clicks the link but signs up you'll receive 500 clicks. These clicks will be added to you monthly event inventory. You can now go back to the dashboard to see the total clicks remaining for the month. Inside the dashboard on the bottom left of the screen you'll see the description of your plan (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) and a bar that if you run your cursor over it a description box will provide the number of clicks available in the current billing cycle inventory. This will include the clicks you got from the referral program. So if you like our services and want to earn some additional clicks please give your unique link to your friends via chat, email or through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  After successfully signing up both you and your referral will receive the additional clicks of 500 per month.

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How to earn more clicks through referral program


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