Setting up links and creativities

After I join the affiliate program, how do I get the ads and links to put onto my site?

We are working to create and update new offers as often as possible. Each offer will contain a tracking link, banners, at least one article eventually an email template etc.... You can find all our offers in the "Offers" section on the left menu of your affiliate account page. 

Where may I place these affiliate links on my site?

You can place affiliate links where they’re easy for your visitors to find: Your site’s home page, navigation bar, and any other high traffic areas. Placing your links on easily accessible site locations will more likely lead to a purchase. You can also email, create articles and post them online, comment blog-posts, tweet and use your imagination to spread the word to people to whom it could come in handy ClickMeter.

How often should I update my links? 

You should update links to our products frequently. So you should create new links that fit the specific interests of your visitors.

Which marketing material can I use?

Depending on your own marketing strategies and approaches, you can use different types of creatives at the same time. Types of creatives include the following: Text links, Banners, Widgets, Video, Text ads, Articles, email templates.



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