How to use my ClickMeter affiliate control panel

After signup to ClickMeter Affiliate Program you will be able to access Affiliate Control Panel (ACP).
ACP contains all available offers, marketing material to promote ClickMeter, data about your account, performance reports, details about your payouts. Using the Affiliate Control Panel is quite easy and intuitive.

After logged in the first screen shows the dashboard.


Affiliate Dashboard


A) Featured Offers: Here you can find most relevant offers available. An offer is a specific affiliate campaign and contains banners, messages links etc. Each offer focus on a specific ClickMeter service or target.

B) The Offers tab contains two options "My Offers" and "Browse/Search" this second one allows you to find all the available offers.

C) Quick stats bar is a brief overview of most important metrics over last 7 days, including your earnings.

D) In  Reports you have the ability to render and view your performance statistics in a variety of manners. In this way you can refine your marketing actions in promoting ClickMeter.

E) This is a direct link to our Affiliates support center. Here you can find all the most important info and FAQ about ClickMeter Affiliate Program. The FAQ you are reading in this moment is part of the support center itself.

F) Here you can contact our Affiliate manager. You can email at any time asking for advice, info, give suggestions and everything you may need.


If you click on Browse/Search link in the Offers, the Offers list is visualized:

Offers List


 G) Here you can access to all the published offers (except for offers referred only to other affiliates).

Clicking on the offer name you reach the offer details page
, this is one of the most important page since gives the access to offer link and materials.

Offer details


H) Tracking link: This is the simplest way to advertise this offer, just copy this link and use in your ads, posts, communications and emails. Every time someone click on this link a cookie is stored in his browser and in case he will convert (also after many days) the conversion will be associated to you and you will get money.

 I) Impression Pixel: this is similar to the tracking link but in this case you have to embed it in a webpage or in an email. Any time someone visits the page or open the email the cookie is delivered in her browser.

J) Creatives: Here you can find all the creative material useful to promote this offer. Click on "Get Code" button to get the code you can embed in a webpage or email to publish a banner etc... The code will allow the banner to be displayed and the cookie to be delivered. It will also allow to track clicks and impressions.

K) Offer details, description and rules. This include also the access to the landing page that is important for you to know more details about how we like to communicate the offer to customers.




Reports are quite intuitive and allow you to better focus your efforts to conversions.



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