Affiliate lesson 02: Track your Affiliate link with ClickMeter

Know the service you are promoting

Knowing at least the basics about your product is essential to sell it effectively.
Unfortunately not all companies  can't or won't give you the product to try it yourself.
ClickMeter, unlike many others, gives you this opportunity: signup for free.

ClickMeter helps optimising your online marketing and business: so why not use it for your own affiliate campaigns too?
How do you know with certainty about the quantity and quality of traffic generated from each promotion channel?
ClickMeter allows you to display each campaign's click into a single, convenient dashboard. 

Video tutorial: How to create a tracking link with my affiliate link (1:59)

Step by Step Guide

A) Create a Tracking Link from your affiliate tracking link. The video above shows you how. 

B) Create an advertising message and share it on the Web or on Social Media.
You can get ideas of successful messages with high conversion rate in the following:

  • I use ClickMeter to manage my Affiliate Program and I know everything about my traffic sources.
  • I just started to track my affiliate links and monitoring conversions using ClickMeter

  • I protect my revenues cloaking my links with ClickMeter, it’s free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always remember to include the ClickMeter Tracking Link at the end of every message!!!

C) Watch the reports in your ClickMeter Account

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