Affiliate lesson 03: Promote ClickMeter with video tutorials

Tutorials are a great way of promoting a service on your website or blog. But there are so many affiliates offering this type of content nowadays and you need to stand out from the crowd… A great solution is recording screencasts.

Video tutorials are an excellent way of learning because your visitors can follow the process step by step while hearing you explain it. If they find the product useful they will purchase it!

A) To start you need a screencasting software, this will allow you to record what's happening on your computer screen.

Here a little list of 3 great ones:

A FREE windows software for capturing your on-screen video and audio as AVI files.

An online-based screencasting tool works well with Mac and Windows machines. It's FREE.

Screen recording and editing software (Mac and Windows) for high-quality video tutorials, video training, and presentations. Price $99.


B) To create a solid and valuable video tutorial just follow these few tips:

  • Be aware of people's attention, keep the review short and to the point (2 or 3 minutes is the perfect length of time - you can do follow-ups or more in-depth reviews linked from the first one
  • Focus on the service itself, then add personal opinions - these make the review more genuine.
  • Concentrate on one feature a time, features that make the product unique and useful for a specific reason.
  • Make written notes available but don't post a transcript, just make a list of the key talking points and then record the video.


C) Steps to create and share:

  1. Draw up your screencasting plan following the tips above
  2. Have the ClickMeter pages you want to show open in your browser
  3. Record your screencast
  4. Upload it to social networks, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion
  5. Include the ClickMeter Tracking Link in the Video description and links
  6. Share it ...


  • Always remember to include the ClickMeter Tracking Link at the end of every message!
  • To create a Tracking Link that includes your affiliate ID follow the steps here: Track your Affiliate link with ClickMeter

 PS.: if you never created a screencast before here is some very good advice on how to create one:


Based on the stats we have from all our affiliate program to date these are the issues and features that have the best conversion rates that can maximize your income:


Great Videos!

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