Affiliate lesson 04: Promote ClickMeter leveraging guest posts

Guest posting (also known as guest article posting) is a valuable part of many digital content-marketing strategies.
There are many websites, some very famous, that allows their readers to contribute in contents creation by adding original articles in their pages. These websites then promote new articles and share the visibility with the writers.

When you create valuable contents and share them through popular websites you not only increase the traffic  (visitors) but also the quality and  level of engagement to click your affiliate link and proceed to conversion (purchase/signup). More traffic+more conversion rate = more money!

A) To pursue this wise marketing strategy...
... you should first find guest post opportunities, determining the right kind of blogs to submit your articles to:

  • the guest post needs to fit on the site where it gets published
    ( eg.: do not talk about marketing on websites specialized on food recipes :-)
  • the website where you post the article should be popular.
    (you can check their Page-Rank and Alexa-Rank )
  • the recipient website (where you are going to publish) should allow you to include your affiliate link.

B) An effective post should:

  • Have a killer title. Summarize all you are talking about in a short single interesting title.

  • Have an introduction that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further.
  • Have an original content. You cannot copy content somewhere else or you will be banned and not considered in search engines.
  • Focus on the ClickMeter's Value and on only one feature at a time. Here you can find some examples of specific features and uses cases (we update this section constantly):
  • Be 300 – 500 words long.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bullet lists so it is easy to read.

  • Include ClickMeter screenshots: Here are some, ready to be used:
  • Include your affiliate link!!! Otherwise you will not be able to get your commissions

Your can describe one of the ClickMeter example use cases, e.g.:
Track Craigslist ads, Track visits on web pages and email opens, Track AdWords ads
other example use cases:


C) To find guest post opportunities perform an Internet search using keywords such as "article directory" to locate free websites that will allow you to publish articles. Search for article or review websites that cater specifically to ClickMeter, e.g. Marketing, Affiliates tools, etc...

A little list of niche content free website:

And here you can find an updated list with 50 of them:

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