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My Account

This class of endpoints contains methods to alter master-key related settings (global settings & permissions) and to view local settings. There are different models in this section and they’ll be described when necessary.

Some fields are maked as optional as in they don’t need to be present in a minimum working call.



GET /account

Retrieve the details the current authenticated user.


Customer {

email (string): ,

lastName (string): ,

name (string): ,

companyName (string, optional): ,

companyRole (string, optional): ,

phone (string, optional): ,

boGoVal (string): Property to login on BO without user/pass [READ ONLY],

timezone (integer): TimeZone of the current user



POST /account

Update some of the details current authenticated user.

Input: Customer

Result: HTTP 200 or Error


GET /account/plan

Retrieve the plan/billing details the current authenticated user (MASTER KEY ONLY).


CustomerPlan {

name (string): Name of the plan,

recurring (boolean): Is plan recurring.,

recurringPeriod (integer, optional): Recurring period.,

maximumDatapoints (integer): Number of maximum datapoints.,

monthlyEvents (integer): Number of maximum events per months.,

usedMonthlyEvents (integer): Used events this month.,

billingPeriodEnd (string, optional): When billing period ends,

billingPeriodStart (string, optional): When billing period starts,

bonusMonthlyEvents (integer, optional): Bonus monthly events



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